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I am that photographer that’s been known to wade into the creek to be able to get just the angle I am looking for in a portrait. So, when I come to your session sportin’ a pair of irrigation boots, you know why!  I’ve also been know to be down on my belly to get to a kiddos level to be able to capture the little ones looking directly at me on their level.  I can throw out a terrible joke to capture a genuine smile, or sometimes, just a serious, everyday expression is just the image to capture.

Self-taught, and mentored by a professional with 30+ years experience, I enjoy capturing candid shots as much as posed portraits.  This allows me to provide you with a good mix of photographs to choose from; creating that family heirloom to proudly display on your wall for family and friends to see.

I am a hometown photograher looking for the next project to bring your vision and mine together – Freezing Moments In Time.

Professional Affiliations

PPA, Professional Photographers of America, helps photographers grow their practices, exceed customer visions and push the artistic envelope. We are a source for photographic inspiration, protection, and community and photography education.

Whitewood Chamber of Commerce



Flexibility:  If your beautiful smile is starting to tire, we will take 5 and give you that break you are ready for.  Patience is important when capturing portraits.  I keep my schedule flexible enough that if a kiddo needs to regroup for a few minutes to find that smile, we can sure do that.

Details:  A shirt riding up can ruin an otherwise perfect shot.  I am constantly re-evaluating how you’re looking to ensure capturing your best YOU in your images.  A slight twist of the hand, or just a tilt of the head can add so much to your image!  Lighting can make or break a shot.  Emotion in a photo can tell a story that words can’t.

People skills:  It’s my goal for you to have a great time during your session!  I will never ask you to do something you are uncomfortable with or physically unable.  Let’s make memories of this stage in life that is being documented.  And if you have a member of your party that just isn’t really into it (for me that would be my brother, but we’ll not mention names), this will be painless.  Those terrible jokes I mentioned earlier, will get a couple of good smiles, and we’ll move onto the rest of the session.


Experience and value are two key items in choosing your photographer.  I will work to make your session a fun, pleasant, memory maker.  Part of that experience might even include me under a log.  Stuck.  Needing help to get up.  (If you look hard enough on line, I’m sure you can find a cellphone pic of me in just that position.)  

At the end of your session, I will have enough images to ensure you have an exceptional selection to choose from.  Your time is valuable.  Only the ones that meet my standard of excellence will be in your gallery, ensuring you aren’t wasting time, wading through under par photos.

Individual approach

Are you an outdoors person?  Great!  I’ve got some rockin’ spots to capture you at.

Maybe you are a book worm?  No prob!  I’ve got some book props, or bring a couple of your own.  Is the library more your style?  We will work together to gain permission to use the library* for your shoot.  *Please inquire as to the requirements of this possibility.

Maybe you are an athlete?  Awesome!  Bring your jersey, we’ll go to the football field, softball field, or ice rink.  Your sport dictates the location.

Music more your style?  Fantastic!  Don’t forget your instrument.  It will make a great prop and help tell the story the photo is capturing.

Love your motorcycle or car?  Let’s include it in your session.

Best prices

Your session investment is quite low as I am a “media” photographer, meaning I do all the work for you!  Your media (be it traditional prints, canvas, metal, etc) photos will have just the right composition when the final product is delivered to you.  No need for you to spend your time trying to crop those digital images to look right displayed on the wall.

Photo packages and a la cart items to fit any budget.

Media to fit your style.


I believe you will find the investment for your portraits with C. Snow Imagery to be quite affordable.


Freezing Wedding Moments in Time

Your dress, flowers, décor and cake will all look perfect on your special day, but it’s the skillful imaging, expert lighting, thoughtful conception and discreet presence that will shape your memories as you look back on your wedding photographs in the years to come.


Freezing Your Event Memories in Time

Events take a lot of planning and coordination to ensure all the details come together just right. Having a professional photographer at your event ensures you will have a photo journalistic documentation for years to come.


Freezing your Family & Life Events in Time

The days when family all stayed within a few miles of each other are long gone. C.Snow Imagery helps you document the progress of life. Family and special event portraits are an investment. There is no better art to put on the walls of your home than portraits that feature the people you love most.