NEW for 2023!!!


Livestock photography services are NOW being offered.  

Are you a producer that has been gradually increasing the herd size of your seed stock?  Is it time to start hosting your own sale rather than selling privately a couple at a time?  Let’s talk about your stock photos for your sale catalog.  Quality photos of each animal plays an integral part of your sale bringing the highest bids for each individual lot.

I’m the first one to say I know nothing about the cattle industry.  BUT.  I do know photography.  I know the importance of taking the time with each individual animal to allow it to quiet down, not push them, and give them the time they want to stand.  If it takes 5 minutes or 30 minutes, my day is dedicated to you and your stock to get the best possible results for your catalog photos.

Details about your photo day  

  • 30 head minimum.
  • Mileage 65.5¢/mile, or current IRS allowance.
  • Accommodations may be required if over 100 miles.
  • Turn around time for photos:  7 days up to 50 head.
    Additional time may be needed for additional head.
  • Images uploaded to private on-line gallery for immediate download.
  • Photos delivered on USB drive to ensure quality reproduction.
  • Catalog add-on service available.
  • Social media posts add-on service available.
  • Video add-on service available.

Every dollar counts.  

Quality livestock photography offered at an affordable rate with one goal in mind.
“Lower expenses equal higher yields for you, the producer.”

Video bull offered for sale February 18, 2023
Buffalo Livestock
Buffalo, WY

Producer:  TTT Land & Livestock
David Tysdal


C. Snow Imagery

Connie Snow,


Contact Info:

Telephone:  (605) 722-0298

Talk/Text: (307) 231-1097